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Monday, November 24, 2014

A Visit in Versailles from Elder Cook and Elder Texiera

November 24, 2014

Hello Family!

I'm glad that everything is going well. This week went by pretty quickly.

Tuesday, we had exchanges, I went over to Alençon with District Leader Elder Miller, who by the way is from Boise area and went to Valley View High School. He is also related to a Holmstead Family. His name is Alexander Holmstead Miller, I wonder if he's related to Uncle Stephen?

Our exchange was pretty cool. It was really neat to go and work with him, when he testifies of the Plan of Salvation, you know that he knows that it is true and you can feel his deep devotion and love for Heavenly Father. We taught one of their amis, named Charles, who is from Nigeria. Charles is a bouncer at a local night club, even though he looks frightful at first sight, he is a huge teddy bear and wants friendship and love from others. The lesson was super cool, you could feel the love, and I even felt love for Charles, even though that was the only time I had met him.

Thursday, Elder Quentin L. Cook came with Elder Texiera. Seriously, that was the coolest conference I have ever been to. First off, there was a musical number done by some younger missionaries (one of which is an Elder Wilson!! A different one though). The three of them did super well, it was an instrumental version done with a Violin, a Pipe of some sort (sounded like a SUPER expensive recorder flute) accompanied by a piano.

Elder Texiera exhorted us to use Preach my Gospel EVERYDAY as missionaries and promised that if we use it, we will become better missionaries.

Elder Cook talked about many things, but the things that stuck out to me was when he talked about 4 of the deciding factors in assigning missionaries to missions. These factors are impressions that they recieve from the spirit. Some of these impressions are if they feel like a missionary needs to be under a certain mission president, or go to a certain culture to learn from it, or learn a certain language to use it later in their life. So I am here in France because of one or more of these impressions. The effect of a mission is eternal, not just one those that get taught by the missionary, but also on the missionary himself.

He also talked about the 4 relationships on the mission, Elder Cook referred to them as 'The 4 Loves'. The first one he talked about was love of the mission president and his wife. We, as missionaries, need to learn how to love our mission presidents. The next one was love of the people. When we learn how to love the people as a whole, that is when we start having success. The next one is love of your companion. We need to love our companions, if there is contention, that empêche (blocks? Sorry, I forgot how to say the word in english) the spirit and we won't be able to do the Lord's work in His way. The last love is love of the Lord. We must love the Lord and be willing to do things in His way and in His time.

The conference was probably the best conference I've been to. The spirit was super strong and I felt very edified by the time we left.

Also, before it began, Elder Cook wanted to shake hands with each missionary. So we all shook hands with Elder Texiera and Elder Cook. Elder Cook is definitely an Apostle of the Lord. You can feel it in the way he talks and in just being in his presence. It was fantastic.

Friday, we had a meeting with out DMP and his wife. They brought these puff ball things that were super delicious and a champagne-like peach flavored drink. The sister missionaries in Le Mans gave Elder Jenness and I brownies that were super delicious as well. Elder Jenness made Break-up Brownies on top of that, as well, which is a layer of cookies, that you put oreos on top of, then you put brownie batter on top of that and cook it all together. It was super delicious.

And that was the week.

As for Google Hangout, yes, that will be fine.

I love you all!! :) Have a great week!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

Oh, here is a picture of "Steve Carell" eating a break-up brownie, and then a picture of us at a bus stop catching the last bus after Porting on Friday night.

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