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Monday, November 24, 2014


November 3, 2014

Hello Family!!

This week was a tough week, not gonna lie. But it was also such a rewarding week.

So, Wednesday, we had district meeting. One of the Sister Training Leaders gave a formation on using analogies and object lessons in our teachings. It was a pretty good teaching...even if we are encouraged not to use analogies nor object lessons because that can complicate teachings and sometimes, teach false doctrine. But it was a pretty fun formation nevertheless.

Thursday and Friday were all finding days. It was pretty tough. These past weeks have been rather finding weeks, which can be uplifting...but it rather tends to get a little discouraging. Sometimes. Friday night, both of us were feeling pretty down. We still had some time and had NO idea what to do. Then we prayed and felt like we should go pass by a non active member. I had to pee, so on the way, we found a place where I could do so. Then we went onward. As we were going to this member's house, we contacted a lady that was super believing and super into hearing more. She told us many times "It's so good what you're doing. Continue well. Don't get discouraged." That was exactly what I needed at that time to help me keep going. We talked with her for about 35 minutes and shared the Restoration with her and gave her a Book of Mormon and prayed with her in the Street. She actually lives over in a place called Cognac, which is more than an hour away from La Rochelle, and it is in Bordeaux Stake, which isn't in our mission. I hope that the missionaries in the Angoul├¬me branch can make their way out there.

Thursday night, we went out to the Bishop's house with the Fitt Couple. We were going to go with Mehdi, but he decided that he doesn't want to get baptized, and so he declined the offer. But the Bishop still wanted us to come despite that. It was really neat to be their and talk with him and his family. For our spiritual thought, we focused on the children. We talked about Joseph Smith's story and had the kids explain what happened. It was pretty cool to hear the story in the words of children. Right before leaving, we discussed with the Bishop about his personal missionary work. We invited him to invite some of his friends to join them for a family home evening.

Saturday, was a finding day as well. But it seemed a little better than Friday. And then Saturday night, we ended up walking about an hour to go to someone's house to visit him. His name is Gendry and he is very, very much so evangelical. Which is great, but it makes teaching really tough. You need to know the bible super well to teach avid evangelists. He ended up asking us questions on some things, like authority, laying on of hands and stuff. He doesn't believe that you need the laying on of hands to recieve the Holy Ghost. Which is sort of true. You don't need the laying of hands to FEEL the Holy Ghost. But to receive the GIFT of the Holy Ghost, which is the right to have the Holy Ghost with us at all times as long as we are worthy of it, it must be given by the laying on of hands. Sadly, we didn't know scriptures to help him understand that, but now, we know some scriptures for future reference. Hebrews 6:1-2, Actes 8:14-17. It was a pretty cool rdv even with that. It was just awesome to be around people that really love the word of God.

Sunday, the day that made the whole week SO much better!! :) Kicked it off with a super missionary minute. Every Sunday we have a Minute Missionnaire (missionary minute) in Priesthood Meeting that we use to try to get members excited about missionary work. Normally, missionaries just share miracles that happened during the week, which is good, but I've learned during my mission that there is a block between missionaries and french members. First, we're missionaries, we're supposed to see miracles every week. It's expected. Second, normally we're American. So what we say automatically doesn't apply to them because they are French (just a little bit of the French mentality in general.) But I have learned that when we ask the members to share their experiences and encourage them to pray to have missionary experiences, they listen, they get excited, they apply it to themselves. This Sunday, three leaders shared their missionary experiences. The spirit was strong and the members seemed like they were actually listening to them. It was cool.

Then, after church was the Swanepoel's baptism. The spirit was so strong. Honestly, I got the same feelings that I used to get performing. But it felt better. It was super strong. Everything went well with their baptisms and confirmations. We then had a ward dinner after and ate and conversed. It was so awesome. That experience is probably the best experience I've had on my mission. Being able to be one of their missionaries. They were definitely prepared for this time. Bokke and Georget were both smiling from ear to ear after their baptisms and confirmations. We'll be starting with the New Member lessons for them this week. I'm so excited. :)

And that was the week. Hey, you finally got the package back!!! Haha. Elder Paitrault tried sending it to Cergy, but they never gave me a notice that I had a package...ha. The Post has some problems in France... I guess I'll benefit from that after my mission alors.

I hope Kaysen stops growing. ;) I gotta stay the biggest. :) He can have the biggest feet, but I need to be the tallest. How much does he weigh?

I love you all. Have a great week. :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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