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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Finding Week

Hello Family!!

Hey, this past week went well. Even despite the fruging that happened, buh c'est la vie quoi.

This Tuesday we had Exchanges. I was with Elder Connelly this time, again in Alençon. Elder Connelly and Elder Miller were put in charge of making pies for our District Thanksgiving Meeting, so we made 3 pies and went out contacting. 

Wednesday was a rather tough day, it was all finding. But there was one guy that we stopped and talked with named Mr. Hocher. He was super cool and told us that he has a huge respect for Americans because of what the American soldiers did during World War II. He wasn't interested at all in learning about the Gospel, but he was super nice. It's nice to talk to kind people every now and again.

Thursday was THANKSGIVING!! Our District did Thanksgiving together. Elder Jenness and I were put in charge of the Turkey, but turkey is expensive so we had chicken for our Thanksgiving. :) It turned out really well. It wasn't quite like home, but everything was super great. After that, we all played a game called Loups-Garous (pronounced loo gar roo, it means Werewolf) all together as a district. I'll have to teach you all how to play it. It is super fun!

Friday was another finding day. Towards the end of the day we met this guy named Abu who is from Soudain. He is a non practicing muslim and is open to learning about other religions. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and then prayed with him in the street and set up a time to see him the next day. He gave us his phone number and address.

Saturday we went over to Abu's house and he asked us a couple of questions, that lead into the Plan of Salvation. We taught him about where we come from and the next time we see him we'll discuss the creation and what our goal on earth is.

This week we started doing Christmas Contacting and Christmas porting!! Yay!! :) Christmas contacting is just regular contacting, but we relate things to the Birth of Christ. We really focus in on Christmas. Christmas Porting is even better!! We knock on peoples' doors and ask them if we can sing them a song of Christmas and pray with them, to invite the true spirit of Christmas during this period of Christmas.

Last night we sang to and prayed with one person, an old lady named Bridgette. We sang "Douce Nuit, Sainte Nuit" (Silent Night). And then after the prayer we offered to come back later to share a message about the birth of Christ, sadly she refused, but it was still really cool that we got to sing with her.

Sorry this letter is so short, I really tried hard to write a lot, but I guess that's what happens in all finding weeks. I always try looking for miracles to share with you, though.

I love you all!! :)

-Elder B Stanton Wilson

P.s. Ricky told me that he is going to Snow with me. I'm pretty excited. As for the shoes and waterproofing, I haven't yet. I don't know of a place in Le Mans, and when I was in La Rochelle, the closest place was 30 minutes by bus. I will use that money to buy some new shoes. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!! :) I'll buy those new shoes during soldes (January - February) because it'll be less expensive.

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