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Monday, November 24, 2014

Transfer to Le Mans

November 17, 2014

Hey Famille!!

So to start off, Transfers went well. I had about 5ish hours of trains on Wednesday, but 7 hours of trains total for transfers...ha. We took a train from La Rochelle to Nantes Tuesday night (2 hours 15 minutes ish), then Nantes to Paris Wednesday morning (2 hours and 15 minutes) then I took a TER (the slowest of all trains) to Le Mans, which took 2.5 hours.

Cool miracle that happened, when I got off the train at Le Mans, I accidently left my shoulder bag on the train. I realized about an hour later when I couldn't find it as we were heading out after eating. We went to the gare and asked the SNCF workers if they had found it, they helped us get to where we needed to go to ask the right people. They said they hadn't found it, but they called up the train depot and they had it! I then recieved my bag about 2 hours later. With everything in it, including my camera. I am so thankful for kind SNCF workers. :) I'm super blessed!

My new comp is "Steve Carell." He's from Indianna and his name is actually Elder Jenness, but he looks like Steve Carell. I'll send pictures next week. :) He's 22 and he is in his 5th transfer. And he CAN SING!!! You know what that means right? Singing in the morning, no more of me carrying the tune and my comp trying to follow along but can't because he can't sing. Our first comp study, I got super excited when we sang. Also, Steve Carell (Elder Jenness) is pretty legit. He's a hard worker and ready to go out to go and find! He has a great desire to do his best and is very fun to work with. Elder Jenness likes to cook and also likes to get up at 6 to workout. So we've been getting up at 6 to workout, it's been tiring but great. And we eat very well.

Le Mans is pretty cool. There is a tram here, so basically public transportation here is going to be really great! :) Le Mans is a very beautiful ville and our appartement is very well placed.

Speaking of Primary Programs, the ward here in Le Mans had one this week!! It was super great and I was smiling during the whole thing. The little kids were adorable! And a couple of them even did some funny things ;)

So this week, we have a conference in Versailles, Elder Cook will be coming!! He's coming the day before my birthday, I'm pretty excited!

So here is my new address, bien que je vous aie dit de ne pas m'envoyer des colis. ;)

Elder B. Stanton Wilson
49 Rue Marengo 
72000 Le Mans

Speaking of sending me things, could you send me the recipe for Rolled Cookie Dough (the pillsbury recipe) and Yum Yum Cake? :) Thanks :)

I love you all! Have a great week! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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