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Monday, November 24, 2014

Zone Conference in Angers

October 20, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

First off, so I don't forget, I hope Dad's birthday went well a couple weeks ago. And also KAYSEN!!! (pretend like I'm singing at the top of my lungs and being a super, awkward creeper.) "15 Years ago you were born, yeah that's right it's your special day (on sunday). So have a happy birthday!!! Happy birthday!!"

Bon, buh this week went pretty well. We taught Mehdi (the ami) about the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week. He is such a smart guy. He understands everything perfectly. He's been such an example to me. Any time he has some kind of issue that comes up, he prays about it. And then he feels at peace. And then later he talks to us about it. And it's pretty cool. He resolves his own concerns. Most of his concerns tend to be more moral things, as in "a group of people that I was with started drinking and they started to get rather agressive, so I left. But they aggressed someone in the group that was drinking. Should I have stayed and helped out the person out? Or did I act well in leaving?" And he's noticing that he's changing as he's getting closer to Christ and Heavenly Father. He says that they've been really good changes. After our very first rendez-vous, he stopped drinking and smoking completely. He said he didn't smoke or drink very often as is, but he decided that doing those things didn't help him at all, so he decided to stop them completely.

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Angers. I love going to Angers it is probably the Utah of France, on a cleanliness level. Seriously, you could eat off the streets in Angers. All the formations (France-Paris Missionary lingo for presentations) were really good. The Zone Leaders' formation was about having a "Friendly Exchange" meaning making the most out of exchanges. And in the end the goal is to make every day a "Friendly Exchange".

The Babin's did a scripture chase with us to emphasize the importance of knowing scriptures. Reminded me of a game we used to play in Seminary. It was very fun and very instructive. :) Then the interviews went really well. The interviews were basically just nice, loving conversations. It didn't feel like an interview at all. :)

The Fitt couple rented a car to drive down in (because their car is, as they say, sick and needs to go to the doctor.) and they took us down, but we got to take a train back, because they needed to do appartement checks and so they were staying overnight in Angers. Our train left from Angers at 17h00. We had a correspondance in Tours, then took a train from Tours to Poitiers (which isn't in the Paris Mission...but it's okay. Missionnaires don't directly order tickets, we command them through an office couple, then they order the tickets for us. So I've been outside the mission boundaries twice now...once when I came to La Rochelle, and then this last trip.) Poitiers looks like a super cool ville. Elder Godfrey and I took pictures so we'll always remember our trip. Ha.

Sunday, I played the piano for sacrement meeting. We sang Because I Have Been Given Much, C'est Sur La Croix (don't remember what that one is in English), A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and Love One Another. It's been a great experience to play the piano for the ward. And my piano skills are improving. It's been pretty cool.

That was the week this past week. I'm glad you had a great laugh about my foot "disease." ;) I'll see if I can get some water proofing stuff. We're gonna go look for new shoes for Elder Godfrey today (he really, REALLY needs new shoes...) and the place we're going to will have some stuff I could possibly get.

Well I love you all!!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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