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Monday, June 30, 2014

Miracles in Finding

Hello Family!

It's good to know that everyone is doing well. So this past week was a rather finding week. We did lots of searching. And are you ready for some finding miracles?

1. There was one night that Elder Rigby and I went out bat porting (that just means we went to apartment buildings and did porting there.) and we met this guy with a couple of young kids. He let us pray with him and told us we could come back another time, we weren't able to set up a rdv with him because we needed to go get our bus (the bus system in La about the equivalent of the one in Cherbourg...ha).

So during an exchange, we passed him by, but he wasn't there. We decided to go porting around to the other bats and got rejected like all night...until the last one. They let us in and we prayed with them and set up another rdv with them and exchanged numbers. It was pretty cool.

2. So Elder Rigby and I went to that rdv, but they actually weren't there. So I called the father of the family to ask if he was still free, but he wasn't so we set up another time to go see them. After that, we decided, well, we have lots of time, lets contact. So we did. And the first family we talked to, we talked to them for about 15 minutes, teaching up until right after the apostasy. We were then able to set up a rdv with them and get their address to share the rest. It was pretty cool.

So, I just realized that I start lots of my sentences with, I'm sorry. ;) ha

During the week we contacted a group of young adults, probably around 17-21 years old (it's hard to tell with Africans...) and they were super down to talk with us. We ended up seeing them on Saturday. They had a rehearsal for some musical numbers for their Evangelical church and they invited us to come and speak to all who was involved which that. So we shared about how we know there's a prophet today and 12 apostles that have been called of God, just like in bible times, to help us and guide us. It was pretty cool. Two of the people there that were adult leaders didn't seem to fond of us though...and we were pretty out of place. 14 African people, and just us two white americans...ha. But it was really touching to see how open the young adults were. They actually looked as if they were pondering on what we said, which was really cool. It made me wonder if I was in the same situation if I would be closed off or if I would ponder upon the words that were said to search for the truth therein.

And that was basically the week. Christian is doing very well. His interview is this Friday, and it seems as if there are forces trying to make his interview impossible to happen. But we're working with it, and his interview will be done. :) I'm so blessed to be here.

I love you all. And mommy, thank you for the small memory of when I was a baby. That kinda made my day. Ha :)

Have a great week! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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