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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcome to La Rochelle

June 2, 2014

Hey Family

You didn't say too much this week...I only got the first paragraph...

This week was pretty good. I had so much fun in Cergy!! I will definitely miss it there and the ward there. Tuesday night we ate dinner chez the Family Kimbembe to say good bye. It was super delicious. They gave us lots of meat and fries. For our spiritual thought, we sang a couple of hymns. Frere Kimbembe loves to sing, and apparently so does his family. I'm always amazed by the spirit that comes from singing hymns.

Wednesday was super weird...the first time I've been by myself for a long period of time in about 10 months. I was on the train for La Rochelle all by myself for about 3 1/2 hours. SUPER WEIRD...ha.
But it was cool to meet my new comp after all that time alone.

My new comp is in his last transfer. His name is Elder Rigby from Sandy, UT. I will be killing him (mission humor...haha) He's a stud. He likes to play volleyball and he can actually sing!!!!! He doesn't really like to sing in front of people, but it's cool to have a comp who can hold a tune when we sing for comp study.

Right after I got to La Rochelle we received a call from a member asking us to come home teaching with him. We did two visits, let's just say I was super stoked to meet three members that day!!! :) Also, here at La Rochelle, there is a missionary couple, Elder and Sœur Fitt, from Orem, UT. They are pretty hilarious and super great to work with. Also, we do emails at their apartment. Right now, I'm using an iPad attached to a keyboard to email you. Next week, I'll be using the laptop. As soon as we walked in, Sœur Fitt said "Surprise!! Guess what today is? Pancake day!!" Let's just say that they are SUPER awesome!!

So here in La Rochelle, it is SO beautiful. And super French. It's super different from what I was used to in Cergy. Here there are like no black people. Also La Rochelle is a very touristic ville. I don't really remember what is touristic about it, but apparently lots of people come here for Vacances (vacation).

Yesterday was a huge carnival. We had to walk through it to go to where we planned on porting...and lots of people threw confetti and stuff on us. It was quite amusing. They even had a huge pirate-themed parade...ha.

Right now we have about three super solid amis, one of whom we gave a baptismal date to this past week...and he is beyond thrilled for his baptism!! He already knows about the Word of Wisdom (we didn't teach it to him, but I believe he has a girlfriend or a friend who is a member) and he gave up smoking years ago, he stopped drinking coffee like 2 weeks ago, he's never had a problem with alcohol either. He also knows about the Law of Chastity and he has no problems with that whatsoever!!! He is super cool. Yesterday, he came to church for the first time...and he bore his testimony in front of everyone about prayer. He name is Christian. And he is seriously super cool!!

I'm not too sure what else to tell you...ha.

I love you all! Have a good week! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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