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Monday, August 18, 2014

First Baptism!

July 7, 2014

Hello Family!! :)

So today, I'm short on time, so basically, I love you all so I'm writing you first :) yay! :) It sounds like you all had a great 4th...and that's a funny memory. I actually thought of that, too...hehe :P

So this past week was a finding week...and honestly was one of the hardest weeks I've had. But, I've been prepared overtime to be able to handle this week. We worked really hard like every day to find new people, but just weren't able to find new amis. Although, there must be power in baptism.

I say that because the baptism went so well! Christian was beaming from ear to ear. And I played the piano for the service. Let's just say the whole ward was super surprised that Elder Wilson plays the piano... hehe. They just don't know that I don't sight read very well...

The baptismal service was so great. Christian was baptized on the first try ('at a kid, Elder Rigby!). Elder Rigby did a good job baptizing him. The talks where nice, spiritual, and short. And then there was a small little meal put together for everyone who was there. SO many members from the ward stayed. It was AWESOME to see how much support the ward was with Christian. Some members even came up and asked us when the next baptism will be.

I still am having a hard time believing that Christian is just seemed like a fantasy. Everyone always seems to say that you don't baptize in France. And when you do, it's not the French you baptize. But Christian is literally living proof that that isn't true. And that the Lord prepares His people. I know that Christian was prepared for this time. And now he is looking towards going to the temple and marrying his girlfriend in the temple next year.

I received a call from Elder Wallace during the last week. He called to let me know that Jacques, one of the amis I started teaching and taught the most (other than Elder Wallace) had been baptized. And that he'll send me a photo. :) Seriously, I am so blessed to be here right now in the la Mission Fran├žaise de Paris.

Au niveau de the new Mission President. President Babin is super. During the conference while he and his wife were talking, I could really feel their love for Christ and for each of us individually. It was so great! I'm super excited for this new mission president. But I will definitely miss President Poznanski and Soeur Poznanski.

I'm excited for this new week. Transfers are Wednesday and Elder Rigby will be going home (I'm killing him! He's finished his mission!). I will definitely miss Elder Rigby. He's been a great missionary companion and a great friend as well. My new comp will be an Elder Smith (there are SO many...I don't know if I've met this one already...haha) and I'll meet him Wednesday.

Here are some pictures! :)

I love you all!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

This is a Religieus which is a pastry. This is from a town called Tours which is famous for their numerous castles and their giant Tours Religieus. (the Fitt couple brought us some from Tours...they are so amazing!)

Christian, Elder Rigby, and I.

Centreville of La Rochelle. :)

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