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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Lesson on Faith

June 16, 2014

Hello Family!

It seems like there was some really good quality family time. And some super hikes you went on.

So more about Elder Rigby. He is from Sandy, UT. And he is a STUD of a missionary!! He has some of the biggest faith I've seen yet on the mission. I think last night I learned one of the many reasons I'm with him right now. I will explain this story later. Elder Rigby is in his last transfer, so I have this special opportunity to learn from an ancient missionary, and also kill him (haha...mission humor!). Also, Elder Rigby is in the same group as Elder Kendall...AND they were roommates before the mission at BYU! Small world right? Elder Rigby is very sporty, he loves to play volleyball and just about any sport. We have been trying to go running in the mornings to keep off mission weight. Also, we made a systematic diet kinda thing. We've cut down our portions together because we realized we both were eating too much. So breakfast is just a normal missionary breakfast. Lunch we have a decent lunch, one that is filling, but not engorging. And then dinner is a nice light dinner. It's pretty cool. And it's been pretty nice to do this with Elder Rigby. He's a chill guy!

This past week we had exchanges in a town called Nantes. I was with an elder called Elder Louis. He is from Boston. It was a pretty great exchange we found a potential family while porting. And it was good to get to know Elder Louis. I think I should keep in contact with him even after the mission because he has some good connections that could potentially help me out later.

Everything with our amis that we have is going pretty well. Except we did lose one ami this week. He got offended that he couldn't come into our appartement...he's from Albania and I guess the culture there is when someone allows you to go into their house, you allow them the same privilege. We tried explaining our rules to him but he didn't really have the patience to try to understand the way we live...

Everything with Christian is going well though. He is progressing toward baptism very quickly and he'll definitely be ready for baptism the 6th of July. We have another ami named Raphael, with whom we have finished all the lessons. He did have a baptismal date, but he felt like he wasn't ready to keep a couple of the commandments and he realizes the importance of baptism and the commitment that comes. There was one commandment that was really blocking him toward baptism, but last night he sent us a text asking us if we believe that if he makes the decision to get baptized, God will grant him with the strength to be able to live this commandment. With that text, I realized just how little faith I have. Here's story time:

Elder Rigby had told me that Raphael will probably get baptized this transfer or the next...but I, with my lack of faith, said no, it'll probably take about 4 or 5 transfers. But with that text, I realized at just how big of a desire Raphael has. I realized that Elder Rigby knows something that I do not yet know. That is faith, hope, and reality. We must look at reality, and look for what can be accomplished. Look with God's vision. And hope, and put faith in that. And then act accordingly. We can't just look at reality and be content with that mediocrity that comes by just going with the flow. I thought that I had some understanding of Faith, but last night, I just learned so much more with that small experience. I seriously am so blessed to be here at La Rochelle with Elder Rigby at this moment.

Next week we'll be going to Angers for Zone Conference. We'll be seeing Christian and Raphael again...and we'll be trying to drop by our vexed ami. And with all that, we're going to find some new amis to bring to Christ.

I love you, sorry I forgot about Father's Day...and that I've forgotten ALL of your birthdays...I was thinking, now that I've missed all of those important dates this past year, I'll repent and remember them all for this next time they come around. :) ha.

I love you all. Thank you so much for all the support you give. It means a lot to me.

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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