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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Broadcast for Stake Conference

June 9, 2014

Hey famille!!

I got the whole email this week!! Yay!! Sounds like you're all doing pretty well.

As for this past was pretty much the same almost every day...we do lots of porting and contacting every day...I'm pretty sure on Saturday and Sunday combined, we walked over 10 miles...and doing all of this porting reminds me of how inefficient it is...Dad, what were some of the finding things you did on your mission? Oh and visiting members here is really tough...the members that live in the area that we can get to are all 75+ year old ladies...ha. Do you have any ideas on other finding things we could do?

We did have quite the miracle this week though. We were out porting in a quartier (neighborhood) called Lagord. We ported into an old couple and said that we were there to pray with them. The wife told us that she'd love to, but they were busy. She told us to come back another time...and the way she said it kinda seemed like she was just trying to get us away...ha. :P Well we finished the street and then ending up walking by that house with the couple. She hurried and opened the window as we were walking by to talk to us and asked us to come back the next night around 19h00. So we did. It was pretty cool and we'll be seeing them again this week. What do you know? Miracles do happen from porting. :) ha.

We had quite the surprise yesterday for Stake Conference. It was broadcast to us in La Rochelle (because we're in the Rennes stake...and Rennes is quite a drive......) guess who spoke? Neil L. Anderson AND Dieter F. Uchtdorf!! AND Linda S. Reeves. And a member of the Seventy of whose name I have forgotten...José Something...ha :P It was super cool to hear and see them on the screen here in France. That is my 2nd encounter with Neil L. Anderson on the mission. First time was in the MTC. I love his talks. You can always feel the love that's radiating from him. It was super cool and super uplifting.

Our amis that came to church yesterday enjoyed it, too. Our ami with the baptismal date, Christian, said that he's super excited to get baptised. He loved the conference. Our other ami that was there, Raphael, said he was touched by some of the talks that were given. So that's super cool. :)

Well, today we'll be going to a place with the missionary couple. It's called Green Venice. It's supposed to be super similar to the way that Venice is (in the way of rivers...) but Green! So I'll take some pictures while I'm there and send those next week. Deal? ha :)

Well, I love you all! Hope all is going well! Have a good week!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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