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Monday, October 28, 2013

Elder Wilson vs. Dreaming the Reality

This week was TOUGH.

We had exchanges again with the Elders from Caen though!! It was good for the Caen Elders to get away from each other for a bit. We switched villes this time to be more productive! Haha I was with Elder Withers again. He dies (finishes his mission) this Thursday. We did some good work together. this letter is gonna be really odd and probably not make any sense. Ha. My thoughts are so crazy right now...I'll tell you why later :D Spoilers (doctor who quote)

So we didn't find any new investigators this week. But we did see Christophe again. He is still progressing!! :) but...he "believes in all religions." But he is making progress! We got him to pray at the end of our last lesson with him!! The spirit was definitely present!

We have been teaching the recent converts (they got baptized before I was here) a lot.

So as I said above, this week was tough. I had some depression this week that I was trying to just get over. It took a while, but I think I know what will help me: Morning Work-outs!!!! I had forgotten how amazing it feels to work out.

After Branch counsel on Saturday, the Branch President, President Martin, came up to me and asked. "Elder Wilson, do you want to improve your French?" I replied "Yes, of course I do!" thinking that he'd say something along the lines of "you need to TALK then." Well...that's not what he said. He said "well, giving a talk in Sacrament meeting will help you improve. Can you do that?" So...I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament meeting. :) Hehe. It wasn't bad and everyone understood me! :)

Okay now, explanation for the subject and why my thoughts are so crazy right now:

Okay, so transfers are coming up. And "I had a dream last night..." (Mayday Parade quote...for Jaret. :D) that mon pere (my trainer) and I were transferred. And that I was going to train somebody..even though I'm not fully trained...well, this morning, the repertoire was sent out. Now normally, they don't split up a bleu and his trainer until after the bleu has been trained (12 weeks, which is two transfers.) Well...I'm getting a new companion. Elder Lerdahl is going to the Neuf-trois area (basically the ghetto of Paris.) and I'm staying in Cherbourg. My new companion is a native French speaker from the south of France. He's been out for like just over a year. dream is basically reality...crazy right? I can dream the future!! Haha just kidding.

Hey, do you remember Elder Korban Lehman (OH, NO! NOT ANOTHER CLAM CHOWDER EXPLOSION!)? Well I saw him a two weeks ago in Rennes. Here is a picture he and I took.

Also, here is a picture of Elder Withers and I with our AWESOME ties!! :)

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  1. Sounds like he is starting to figure things out hopefully his exercise will help :) We will pray lots for him. ;)