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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Exchange and Mangez-Vous (Dinner Appointments)!


Ma Famille!!

That sounds like a pretty awesome week!! :) I'm jealous about the yellow vans and the backpacking trip. Get me some yellow vans, too. Please? :D About the Roller Coaster, that sounds just like Poppy. Haha :) (Jesse and Kaysen spent a whole day building a K'nex roller coaster, thinking they would use it as part of a science project. They ended up not using it after all!)

This week we had exchanges with the Caen Elders again, this time in Cherbourg, though. I was with Elder Withers. It was his last exchange before he dies. It was AWESOME!! We taught 3 lessons together in this exchange. Elder Withers served in Cherbourg about a year ago so he knew tons of people that we could go see. There were some that weren't in our area book that we went to go see. It was way cool! It was a GREAT exchange!

We had two mangez-vous (dinner appointments) this week! It was delicious! The first mangez-vous was with the Branch President and his wife. We had a vegetable lasagna, some sea food (salmon, shrimp, and calamari (calamari is actually pretty good), a salad, and, of course, cheese with pain. It was really good! The next mangez-vous was with another family in the ward. We had pasta with REALLY good sauce, and then apple crisp for dessert. All of the food from both families were AMAZING!!

This past week we had an awesome miracle! We went out contacting for a couple minutes after doing some passbacks (when porting, some people will say to come back another day because they're too busy at the moment. So we call them "passbacks" because we pass them back.) and like the third guy we contacted stopped (only about 30% of the people here will stop and listen. And then,  usually they just say they're not interested). Well, I don't know exactly what was said (because I am still learning French...haha) but we set up a rendez-vous with this man. His name is Christophe and he's about in his late 20's, early 30's. So the day came for our rendez-vous (we just decided to meet at the church for the rendez-vous) and usually, when we set up lessons from contacting, the people fruge us (when someone fruges you, they don't show up to the rendez-vous.).. But he came!! And we have ANOTHER rendez-vous with him this week!! :)

So this week, I get to do my legality stuff. I have no idea what I'll be doing for it. We do our legality stuff in Paris, so my comp and I are off to Paris tonight, and staying the night with some Elders from Paris so that we can be at the training for my legality on time. We then have a district meeting in Caen on Wednesday, so after my legality stuff is over, we're going to Caen and spending the night with the Caen Elders.

So these pictures are: 

What I usually eat in the morning. It's a cereal that's like granola, but different. And it also has chocolate in it. I cut up a banana in it.

The Hotel I stayed in the first night I arrived in France. We got to stay in a hotel before we met our trainers. It was a pretty legit hotel!

The sunset from our appartement the first night I arrived in Cherbourg. Cherbourg is very beautiful. I really am loving it.

The work is going slow here, but it's going. It's crazy to see all the miracles that God gives. I'm so thankful to be here!

This church is definitely true.

I wish you all a good week this next week! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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