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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Native French Companion


Maman! Et Famille :)
First of all, French people are cool.
I was SUPER surprised that they transferred Elder Lerdahl. Normalement they don't do that. And I was SUPER scared of being with a native French missionary...thoughts of "How are we going to communicate?" and stuff like that came into my mind. But, it's okay! He speaks English well enough that if he doesn't understand something I say, I can say it in French. But we both have to talk to each other in our native languages very slowly. Ha. Mornings are funny. We both wake up and start talking in our languages to each other at a normal speed...and then we both end up saying "Vous parlez tres vite!" Ha. :) It's hilarious!
Elder Yohan Paitrault (sounds like You-ahn Pay-troll) is a cool dude. We work hard and pretty well together. He LOVES to talk though. But that's good for me...because then I don't have to...JUST KIDDING! I still talk ha. En fait, my French is progressing SO much better with him. We speak French outside the apartment and anglais dans l'appartement. :) It's cool. Fun fact about Elder Paitrault, he eats. A LOT. More than me. I never thought I'd ever say this, but I got out eaten by a Frenchie. En fait, I get out eaten by him EVERY meal.
This week was weird, but number wise (don't worry, I'm not a stat-monkey though!) it was the best week I've had so far! We did lots of calling people this week so that's good!
Yesterday we started the new member lecons avec un homme qu'il s'appelle Aimé
 de Dieu (yes, his name is Loved of God). He is a refugee from Africa. And he also speaks Lingala...he taught me a couple things in lingala! It was cool! Kombo na ngai Elder Wilson! Sango nini?
Not a lot happened this week...but one of our amis (who is...not really an ami anymore...but he's still a GREAT friend!) paints pictures. And at our last rendez-vous with him, I asked him if I could buy a painting he did of a beach...and he gave it to me FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!!! So now I have a painting...that I should probably send home. Ha. :)

To answer about the Powdered Sugar and Graham Crackers. Powdered sugar yes! Graham Crackers pas de tout. (not at all) I would LOVE it if you sent me some!! Oh...and if it is possible...maybe a jar of your amazing green beans? :D Merci bien! :)

Well, I'm doing well. I'm glad all is well back at home!! :) Love y'all so much!! Have fun with your sleeping test, mommy! :)
à bien tôt!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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