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Monday, August 26, 2013

Learning to Love My Companion

Bonjour, cher famille!!

First off, that's awesome about the quilts haha. You and your quilts, mom. :)

Kaysen, that's awesome! Keep playing hard, okay? There will be times that you might miss something and some people do get really upset like that kid. Just brush it off and do better next play or next game. Okay? You're just learning the sport. Don't let anyone bring you down. :)

That's so awesome about the football game!! Tell Ky I said congrats and good luck against Tooele. We're so gonna beat Tooele. They're always rubbish. ;) (as Elder Elvidge, my district leader from England, would say) But um, tell Levi I said good luck in that game. I know that he's a GREAT player! I hope he's on varsity!!

Sharing time sounds like it was fun :)

I know who Brad Wilcox is!! He was supposed to speak earlier but didn't come because of the snow :P

My week was a roller coaster, emotionally and physically. I was pretty depressed and discouraged at the beginning of this week. But I got working harder and I got happier, which I never ever thought working harder would make me happier...I always thought it'd just make me more tireder. ;) ha. Um...things with my companion are weird. But I've realized most of the problems we've had are because of pride issues (haha me...  :P) and just little stupid things. Today during the temple session, I prayed so hard to be able to love my companion and after the session, I had this overwelming feeling of love for him. It was so amazing!! So I feel like we're cool now. :)

The language is hard. But I'm starting to get more confident with it now. I can bear my testimony now!! And now, instead of giving up and resorting back to English, I search really hard to find the words that the Lord would have me say. The last lesson we had, I was able to come in without having things written down and just bear my testimony. I even was able to challenge our investigator to read in the Book of Mormon and to Pray about it!! I was able to say so many things I didn't even know I could say!! The Lord truly works miracles. This week we started TRC (I don't know what that stands for) but we go in and talk to a member about the gospel. The member is just themself, instead acting like an investigator. The first person we talked to in TRC was a lady in her mid 20's. She plays music!!! I was able to talk to her about music stuff in French!! It was so COOL!!!

I head out to France on Sept 16. I CAN NOT wait!! I've gained 5 pounds here already!! :P I'm trying to eat healthier though. And I'm gonna start running like 20 minutes during gym time so I can eat whatever I want. :D hehe Just kidding, I'm not gonna eat whatever I want, I'm gonna eat healthy. But it's crazy to think that I've been here 3 weeks already!! I feel like I just got here this past Wednesday!!

Things with my district are going so well this week!! On Tuesday, after the devotional, Elder 1 (Elder 2's comp) FLIPPED out at Elder 3 and Elder 4...who were having some MAJOR issues. So we had a district meeting right then about the Elder 3 and 4 issue and resolved it. Our district is doing a LOT better this week. :)

So I don't know if I've told you who has come and spoke with us yet so here goes: We've had Elder Richard G. Scott, Vai Sikahema, and I just completely forgot the others..haha. But this Tuesday is being broadcast to the other MTC's (just like with Elder Richard G. Scott) so I'm pretty sure we're gonna hear from one of the twelve or possibly even someone from the 1st Presidency!!! :D

I don't know if I've told you this either, I go to the MTC choir every Sunday!! I love IT!! We sing in each Tuesday Devotional, this week we'll be singing an Arrangement of Lead Thou, Me On. I'm stoked!! It's so powerful!! this week I went to go audition for a musical number: How Great Thou Art (I was singing it and accompanying myself) but the people in charge wouldn't let me audition because the judge doesn't like people accompanying themselves and I just made up the piano part. The judge wants to see sheet music. :P I guess I'll just make sheet music for it after the mission. And record it. :) ha

As for the scripture, I really like James 4:7. But I'm going to search more and find a different scripture :) I want a longer one on my plaque.

I love all y'all!! :)

-Elder Wilsôn

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