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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Actually Made My Bed!

Bonjour Famile!

Comment vous allez vous? Ca va bien? (How are you doing? Are you doing well?)

The MTC is tres bien (very well) so far. It's only my first full day though!

My companion is Elder Hedquist. He's from Davis! He was a BEAST of a runner! He has six siblings: an older sister, two younger brothers, and three younger sisters. Elder Hedquist is a little shy, but he and I get along just fine. He's a smart guy. He enjoys listening and taking in lots of info. He also has a black hole for a stomach. Don't worry, though. He needs to gain some weight. #runnerproblems

The first day was AWESOME! Having Elder Winters as my host missionary was exactly what I needed. Seeing and talking to him helped me completely lose the nerves I was getting.

I didn't understand one word that was said  at the beginning of my first language class. It was scary! But as I opened my mind, I started picking up things I had learned from French class. JE VOUDRAIS ALLER A LA SALLE DE BAIN! (I would like to go to the bathroom!)

Well, love you lots! Pictures coming soon! By the way, I actually made my bed! Stay fly!

Elder Wilson

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