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Monday, August 12, 2013

I Flirted With the Teacher

Mommy!! And ma famille. :)
Kaysen!! That's awesome!! Make sure you work hard. Oh and don't be afraid to slap anyone on the butt. It's natural ;)
Jaret, don't be lost without me!! out more?
That's sad to hear about dad's work. (It's a little stressful right now.) I had NO idea about that. Just remember to turn to Christ and He'll help you through it!
Okay so my P-day is Lundi (Monday). So that's your new favorite day of the week!! :) companion's name is Elder Hedquist. He's from Kaysville and ran cross country at Davis High. After the mission, he's running at BYU. He has a running scholarship. We went on a run during PPE (Personal Physical Exercise) and he...well, let's just say he's a beast of a runner. :D He has 6 siblings. An older sister, currently attending BYU, three younger sisters and two younger brothers.
August 15th is my departure San Fran to get my Visa. Ha. I'm going to France September 17th.
My teachers...well the first few days, we had a temp and she didn't really give us much direction on how to study or plan or stuff, so my whole district goofed around a comp and I tried getting work done but didn't really know how or what to do. We got burned on Friday for being disruptive...because we didn't have a teacher. But Saturday, our first teacher came. Her name is Soeur Scott. She is really amazing!! in French if you tu-toi someone (which is using the familiar form of "you") that is an authority figure or someone you don't know, it's like flirting with them...and we were using the verb etre, which means "to be." We were supposed to use the different conjugations for it and so we were just shouting out random things...and I shouted out Tu es blonde. Which means "you are blond." but...her face was PRICELESS!! I didn't mean to tu-toi her basically, I flirted with the teacher. :P
The food...I'm gonna gain weight. I'm serious. I'm probably gonna gain like 10 or 15 pounds by the end of the 6 weeks. It's SOOO fattening. And there are doughnuts almost EVERY meal!! Don't worry, I'm getting sick of all the sugar though. It's disgusting!! I try to get une salade verte and a fruit every meal though. Oh...and the chocolate's AMAZING!! I love it!!! I've had chocolate milk for EVERY meal. I do get other drinks like water or powerade, but I always get my chocolate milk.
We have the early breakfast STARTS at 6:30...and in order to be on time to breakfast, I get to wake up around 6. After breakfast we go to the classroom for french instruction. The teacher talks basically only in French. After that we have a little study time and then we go to lunch at 11. Then we have more instruction. Then we have dinner at 4. Then we go to classroom for study time/teaching which is where we teach an "investigator" french. It's HARD! But it's great. We have language study sometime too. Ha. Um...and lights out is at 10:30. I'm so tired from this schedule. I don't get enough sleep... :P it also doesn't help that one of the Elders in my room, Elder Diaz, has a watch that beeps around 3:53 every morning.
The first discussion we taught...was super awkward. There were so many awkward was great... :P but the second one went TONS better. I really felt the spirit so strong!!
About the Narnia Holes, a Narnia Hole is just any place that you could possibly hide something. I checked in every Narnia hole in our residence...NOTHING!! So my roommates, companion, and I are gonna put stuff in them all. I think there are like 4 Narnia Holes.
Do you remember that Liz Anderson girl that I met at the SNOW blast? Well, she wrote me a letter!! She totally digs me!! ;) Oh by the way, I LOVE getting you should put my address on Facebook so that the good-looking girls can write the good-looking soon-to-be-Frenchman. ;) But seriously. If you write me a letter, I can write back that night and you should get it in a couple days.
The letter you (mom) sent me about President Hinckley's mission was what I needed. I cried when I read it. I had had a terrible day that day (Friday) because that was the day we got chewed out...and my comp and I just were feeling so lost and discouraged. It totally helped me that night when I read it. The next day was TONS better!! :)
Well, au revoir!
Je t'aime. :)
-Elder Wilson

P.s. Ask me more questions. I love it!! :)

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