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Monday, August 18, 2014

Eternal Families

August 11, 2014

Hello Family!

I'm glad that all is going well for you.

This past week was rather long...but I guess that's what happens when you have about 4 or 5 straight finding days in a row...BUT despite that, it was still a great week.

We were able to teach Raphael this week...he still is having difficulties with his smoking problem. But, he is making an immense effort. I'm very glad that he is trying so hard. Saturday he only smoked one! That is some huge progress from his normal 5 he was doing. And cool little miracle. We were waiting at the bus station for our bus to go visit a non-active member, and as we were waiting, Raphael was walking towards the station. He had to wait for a bus to go do some grocery shopping somewhere. He told us that right as he had envie (sorry, I don't know if that makes sense...I don't really know how to say that in english. The phrase in french is "quelqu'un a envie à faire quelque chose.") to smoke, we were there to remind him not to. I let him know that it was a sign from God. He replied "Je sais."

Oh, it just makes me so happy. All of the little miracles that happen. Like seriously, right now as I'm typing this, I'm smiling so big!! :)

So about Christian, yes we're still teaching the new member lessons. There are some new rules that came out by the First Presidency about two weeks ago that establish some things about amis and recent converts. For amis, we are now obligated to teach all 5 lessons, not just the 4 and then slightly mention the 5th like in the past. And with recent converts, it says that we need to keep seeing them for the 3 to 4 months after their baptism and then keep in regular contact for at least one year, or more. So we still go to see him. He is doing very well. We talked about missionary work...and he is a STUD!! He's already talking to others about the Gospel. He is NOT shy at all that he is a member of l'église Mormon, comme il le disait. :)

The Swanepoel family is doing well. We taught them about the Book of Mormon on Tuesday, because they told us they didn't quite understand it. I think they understand the Book of Mormon a little better, but the Fitt couple decided to buy them Book of Mormons in their native language, Africans, because it appeared like they had trouble understanding the old english pronouns. They invited us to eat lunch with them on Friday. They invited some other friends to come, who ended up not being able to go, but we still were able to go and teach them. They had asked us to talk about something simple (not the Book of Mormon...apparently the Book of Mormon isn't very simple...but I don't have any idea what it's like because I grew up with it.) for their friends, so we decided to talk about how families are eternal and are the most important unit in God's eyes. We still decided to share that simple thought with them, and they loved it. They had already been taught the plan of salvation, but they love Eternal Families. They weren't able to come to church this week and we'll find out why tomorrow. I'm rather starting to feel like Sister Voyles from the district when she talks about her ami Ofelia. "JUST COME TO CHURCH!"

In talking about Eternal Families and seeing the Swanepoel's children, I think I got kinda trunky. Trunky in the fact that I'm very excited to get married and start a family. And I started thinking quite a bit about families and how I really want to have an eternal family and get married in the temple, when that time comes. It's interesting to see how much I've changed since the beginning of my mission. I had so many things that I wanted to do musically, but now, I still have those dreams and I feel like I could go through with them, but I have a greater desire to get married and have a family. I guess that happens when you're with a man 24/7. Ha, don't worry though, I'm not legitly trunky. :) In thinking all this, it was very spiritual and I really am starting to see how important a family really is.

Well, that's all I got for this week. Except yesterday, Elder Smith was sick. He was able to make it through church but after that, he was out like a fat kid in dodge ball!! I haven't seen someone get sacked out that fast...but today he is doing TONS better!! Which is great news. We'll be able to work! Yay!! :)

I love you all so much!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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