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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Family Pettitt


Hey family!!

This week was pretty good. Christmas was pretty weird. It was weird to see all of you...ha. I've just gone so long with just emails that actually hearing your voices and seeing you felt really weird...ha. This Christmas was pretty much my favorite Christmas of my life. It was so awesome to spend the whole day with the Family Pettitt. They're legit. We also (we as in ALL the missionaries in my mission) had permission to watch a Disney movie on Christmas...and so we ended up watching Mulan. Not in French. In English (because the family Pettitt speaks english, french, german, and spanish.) It was really weird...and cool. Basically I have the whole movie memorized and was quoting it as it went along...hehe

So along with this week being was also really hard. Elder Kendall and I got discouraged this week. We felt like we were doing everything we could...but not getting the results we really wanted...and then we recieved a referral from the Lyon mission for a guy named Pritish. Like British, but with a P. He is from India. We were able to meet him on Saturday...and...oh my goodness, talk about a missionary's dream!! He knows all of the doctrine that we teach already. He feels like he needs to get baptized soon, too!! Isn't that awesome?! I almost died when he said that to us!! He also does have some questions about how he can really know if his prayers are being answered and stuff like that, though. We're going to continue to meet with him and hopefully help him come unto Christ through baptism. I'm super excited!!

So, today I went to le Tour Eiffel et L'Arch de Triomphe. And I can't send the photos...but I will eventually. :D

And that was my week since Christmas. Sorry it's not so long! There's not many details. I added as much as I can.

Love you!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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