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Monday, February 10, 2014

Diarrhea Since Easter


Hey Family!

Sounds like all went well with the superbowl! Haha just kidding...too bad the Bronco's didn't win huh?

Well this week was pretty tough work-wise. We weren't able to get out and do very much work because Elder Young's terrible toe. We were able to get out though! Yay!! haha.

We weren't able to see Francoise this week. She cancelled the rendez-vous and then she later told us that she's not in the Parisien Area. But she'll be back in like 15 days, alors on va attendre pour le jour quand elle reviens.

This week we were able to see this guy named Rodolph. On a fait le contact avec lui dans la rue, il y a une semaine. When we first contacted him, he told us he had never heard du Livre de Mormon, but that he'd like one to this is the catch to all of it, he then told us that he can't read French. And that he's not so great at reading English. So we asked him what language he can read in. He replied "Tamil." It's some language from South India, apparently. We were able to find a Book of Mormon in his language and then we met with him. We weren't able to have a legit lecon because he didn't have time, but he did say that if we wanted, we could set up some rendez-vous with him in the future. I'm pretty stoked!! :)

We saw lots of members this week. We ate at 3 different members' houses. It was all pretty good. Although, I definitely think I'm getting fat. Not gaining weight fat, but my muscle is turning into pudgy fat. :P Oh also, one of the member's we ate with, la Famille Louima, they're haitian. I've ate over there quite a few times. Soeur Louima always gives us some awesome Haitian food, which is like rice with some meat/veggie sauce that has TONS of cloves in it. This last time though, I think there were more parts of the cow than I've ever eaten before...and that night (Saturday night) let's just say that "I had diarrhea since Easters." Church was fun with that little problem. :D haha. But now, I'm just fine.

Haha, well, I'm hoping this week we can get out more. Elder Young has to go to another Doctor for his toe...I'm hoping for some good news. On verra.

I love you all!

Kaysen, keep ballin' it up! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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