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Monday, February 24, 2014

Le Louvre and being directed by the Spirit

Hey famille!

This past week was alright. Some good things happened!! And had lots of time in the appartement, too. But here is the first bit of good news:

First, my comp, his toe. Well, we went to a podologue (foot doctor) for more help. Good news is, his ingrown toenail has been taken care of. The question was though, why isn't it healed yet? (words of the doctor) ha. Well, it's because his toe was getting moisture from quoi que se soit (anything at all) and wasn't able to heal. So he gave my comp some things to help with that, and apparently, it's working. Bad news, when it rains, can't go out. If he starts to feel pain, we gotta stop. The doctor kept on saying "no choc" (no shock). So now, we're able to go out and about. :) ha

Okay, so in terms of our ami with the baptismal date. His name is Pritish. Right now the baptism will be on the 22nd of March. He has some personal things back in India to finish before the baptism, and so that's why it'll be a while. In the meanwhile, he's doing so well! We're teaching him 2 times a week with a member and he's been coming to church every week thus far. I really hope I'll still be in Cergy when he gets baptized. Transfers are next week...and sadly, I've been feeling like my time in Cergy is finished. But we'll see what happens.

A cool story from the past week, we were able to get out porting on Friday (after we had the rdv with the Doctor) and we went out to a place called Andrésy. While there, we went a way I've never been before. Then we found a street and said, "well, we can start here." We started walking to the end of the street to port down back to the main road and as we walked past a particular house, I felt impressed to knock there. I told Elder Young, "Hmmm, let's start here. This feels good at this house." He kinda just shrugged it off and said "we have like 4 more houses. Let's just start at the end. We'll get to it." So we did that. Only one of those four answered, and they didn't want anything to do with us...ha. BUT when we got to the house I felt impressed to start with, a guy answered the door and started talking to us. We told him why we were there and what we were doing. He told us that he is sick now, but he'd love for us to come back to teach him. It was super cool! And so we'll be making another visit out to him. Nobody else on that street was interested. I know that we were led to that particular house to find that man.

So that's really all that happened last week. Today for P-day we went to Le Louvre. I definitely want to go back to see more stuff. But at the same was a little weird'll just say, seeing everything. :) haha. Here's pictures for you guys. :)

I love you so much!! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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