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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The American Dream

April 24, 2014

Hey, so I recieved permission to send you an email to ask you a question,
Elder Wallace and I recieved a call from an english teacher that teaches at a university here in Cergy (called Essec). The Professor asked us if we could speak to his class (completely in English) about "the American Dream" (not the Great Gatsby, but the real american dream). The first half of the class, we'll be sharing hobbies, interests, etc. with the class (basically establish how normal "Mormons" are). The second half, we'll be talking about "Mormon Values" because the Prof said that these values coinside with the Amercian Dream. He gave us permission to bring Books of Mormon, contact cards, etc. for those who'd like to learn more after.
So my question is, could you send me pictures of my past life? Soccer photos, music stuff photos (guitar, piano, show choir, band [you can send the falling photos] etc.), fishing, hunting (the couple times I went hehe), scouts, swimming, football, cross country, senior class president, etc?
We will be doing the presentation the 7th of Mai and need to prepare well for it, so please, it would be a great help if you would send those photos within the next few days. You could just send the photos by email. :)
Thank you so much and have a great day! :) I love you!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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