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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Steak and Fries Sans Cesse (Without Ceasing)

May 12, 2014


C'était vraiment bien de vous voir! Je l'aimais beaucoup! :)

So it seems like everyone is doing really well then. Although, Kaysen didn't talk too much. Neither did Sam, but I guess that'll come with some time. ha ;) And yes, it was super hard to say goodbye. Je suis heureux que vous êtes tous fiers de moi. ça me plaît.

This past week was tough but it was good. It was upsetting to not be able to get ahold of like any of our amis. But it built my patience a bit. We still were blessed to find some people to teach. And that was good. We didn't find any new amis, but we have some potentials that we'll be getting in touch with this week.

The presentation went really well. Although, the students were appalled when I talked about guns...and hunting...haha...and for some reason, fishing too. It was so funny to see how they reacted to normal american things. That was all during the first part. The second part was very spiritual, where we talked about values, namely the attributes listed in PMG Chapitre 6 except for hope. :) At the end we showed them a bible video, the one where Christ is teaching part of the Sermon on the Mount and he talks about service. We then challenged them to doing an act of service each day for the next week and to reflect back and think of how they felt while they were doing the service and how that effected their day. I am very sure that at least 5 of the students are trying to do the challenge.

This past week we went over the the Famille Rochet's house and ate chez-eux. They gave us each at steak that was bigger than my head, and fries sans cesse (without ceasing)...and then after that, they gave us 7 or 8 different types of cheese AND then for desert, we did a chocolate fondu...let's just say, there wasn't any time to work out the next morning because of the bathroom usage. :D haha

We have an ami that speaks only haitian creole. And this past week we were able to teach him for the second time (okay, so we did see one of our amis...haha...). The way that we teach him is we speak to his family or someone else comes with us that speaks creole, and we teach in french, and then the familly or the person translates in creole. This last lesson, we decided to re-teach what we taught the first time because the first lesson was seriously a hasmat disaster. The lesson went super well this time...and Jacques, the ami, said that he liked in his head what he learned that day. It was super cool! The spirit was so strong! We got him to pray, too. Even though there is that language barrier, the spirit was still there.

Isn't so amazing how we can still feel the spirit even though we don't understand what's being said? The spirit testifies of truth, so no matter what language we say it in, if the person accepts the spirit, he can feel the truth of what we say.

This gospel is true, this church is the same that Christ established two thousand years ago. The Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet.

I'm so blessed to be out here in France.

I love you all! Continuez bien!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

P.s. Mommy, could you please send me the café rio recipes? The lime rice, the pork, the tomatilla dressing? Etc... :) Thank you I love you!

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