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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Heavenly Father Hears and Answers Prayers

Hello all!
It's nice to see that you're all doing well. That family that emailed you those pictures is seriously THE best!! :) haha they seriously are some of the best members I've ever met.

Cette semaine était Pâques! C'était une très bien passée! (This week was Easter. It was very well spent!) We did lots of finding and stuff, but we actually didn't go hardly at all. It was so cool! We ended up doubling the amount of lessons we've ever taught, and we doubled the amis that we found. Finding all the time is definitely super important!! And also, turning each contact into either a rendez-vous for later, or making the contact into a rendez-vous is also as important! Miracles happen when we've done that.
So, we have an ami, named Emilienne who has...basically no religious background, didn't know who is Christ, didn't know how to pray, and learned at a super low pace. She has a son who is a missionary in Congo, though (he referred her to us through the church website). So she really wants to learn about...well basically EVERYTHING. :) We had a rendez-vous with her yesterday, where we were re-explaining the book of Mormon and we had planned to give her a soft invite to baptism. During the rendez-vous, she wasn't understanding too well and the spirit wasn't really there to permit us to extend the invitation, so Elder Wallace and I both thought to each other "nope, we can't give it..." but then all of a sudden, after we read the introduction with her, she understood. She testified of how she knows the Book of Mormon is true from the small thing she had her read herself before the rendez-vous. She testified of how she knows that we can pray to receive forgiveness of our sins (which...we haven't taught. We taught her how to pray, but not that.) and that she knows that we can receive forgiveness thanks to Christ. (which we didn't really teach either.) The spirit was SO strong. We asked her to be baptized the 25 Mai. She accepted. I know that the Lord has prepared people, and is continually preparing people for us to find and teach. I know that Father answers prayers, too.

I've been praying lately to have the faith to be able to bring someone to Him and Christ through baptism. And He answered that prayer. Elder Wallace and I will have the occasion to help Emilienne. I've seriously been so blessed this week.
Prayer is super cool. Seriously, think about the way you pray, and make sure each prayer is meaningful. Heavenly Father wants to hear and answer our prayers, but we need to be willing to take the time to talk with him.
Yesterday, we felt impressed to go to a member's house after church. He has been divorced for less than a year and seems pretty lonely and so we thought that nobody should be alone on Pâques. We read the Resurrection story in Matthieu 28 with him and then felt impressed to sing hymns with him. (he has a piano, oh and also, Elder Wallace is a boss at piano, btw the way. ha) So we sang four hymns with him. I'm so thankful God granted me my talents. And I'm so thankful for occasions to use those talents. The music brought in a super spirit and then we left him with a prayer, it was pretty cool.
I'm super excited for this upcoming week! We've been invited to help out with a service project, moving about 5 tons (metric tons) of gravel. :) Digging all that dirt in Tooele and again in Grantsville is totes gonna come in handy for this!! I'm stoked! Also, a cool thing, the weather this week is supposed to be pretty cruddy...except for the day that we planned to do service. Cool right?
Well, I love you all! I'm glad all is going well. Kaysen, keep kickin' it! Lefty's have an advantage...because you're not common. Use that to your advantage and also, work on your right foot, too! :) I'm glad Dad loves the new job! And also, of course Mom, you always quilt! :) haha.
Stay fly!
-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

An e-mail from Sister Pettitt: I just had the privilege of accompanying the Elders to my friend's house to teach her (she's in the second photo in a jean shirt and beige vest (front row, almost in the middle).  She and her friend were there, and it was wonderful to watch the Elders "in action" - I want to thank you for raising a wonderful son, one who is generous, caring, serving, and has a strong testimony and a sound understanding of the gospel. We also love to hear him play and sing ;)

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