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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Transfer to Cergy



So this week was a pretty good one. Elder Paitrault and I have really become good friends. Seriously, I'm gonna miss him.

This week we ate at four different houses...I ate SO MUCH!! Tuesday, we went to a member's house and ate some sausage stuff with rice. It was pretty good. I have no idea what it is called though.

Wednesday...oh man. Wednesday was great! We did lots of walking. And then at night we had a mangez-vous (dinner appointment) with a family of members to help their little boy understand baptism and to help prepare him to get baptized because he didn't really understand baptism. I am confident now that he better understands what baptism is. After that, we had another mangez-vous (yes, two mangez-vous in one night...) with some amis. I was SO full that I seriously wanted to vomit!! Haha. It was good though. :)

Saturday, I'm pretty sure we walked like 10km or more!! We walked SO much to contact our coordineés (I forgot the word in English...sorry! Tant pis - never mind) and do some passbacks. Seriously we walked SO much!! It was amazing!! I felt SO good when we finally got home. We finished the night with a Kebab. It was delicious.

I also learned a nice lesson on Saturday: persistance and diligence. There was one passback that we had done like four times already. But Elder Paitrault and I decided we would try one more time. So we went to her house and knocked on the door. She opened up but she was too busy at that moment. But we did (finally!!) get a rendez-vous scheduled with her!! I know that if we work that one, try to get a hold of that person one more time, or knock on just one more door, that the Lord will bless us.

Remember a while ago how I told you that the branch here doesn't have a primary program? Well, I was sorely mistaken! Four kids can do a primary program. That was yesterday for the sacrament meeting. It was pretty awesome!!

Transfers are happening this week!! And guess who's leaving Cherbourg? Elder B. Stanton Wilson!! I'm definitely going to miss the members here and my comp. But I'm so stoked for a new adventure! I'm going to Cergy. Which is in the southern area of Paris. My new companion will be Elder Allen Kendall. I'll let you know about him next week. :) I get my new companion on Wednesday. My new address is

Elder Wilson
56, blvd de l'Evasion, N° C301 
95800 Cergy-Le-Haut

Love you guys!!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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