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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Real French Scarf and Lasagna For My Birthday


Hey family!!

This week was a tough one, I don't have very many deets. But we'll see what I can do.

So last P-day we did some service for someone. We were supposed to move quelque meuble (some furniture). We thought it would be a lot and really heavy...but it was only one super light cabinet...ha. Funny right?

Tuesday we had district meeting in Caen (dang, I go to Caen A LOT). Elder Paitrault talked about how we should be the example. He started by doing a "speed date" with all of us. It was pretty hilarious!! Haha. We then did a double exchange with the two Caen Elders in Cherbourg (the second équipe (team) of Elders in Caen). I was with Elder Christensen (a different one than before) and...I'll just say some Elders are very interesting. I learned that there are humans that can turn their heads all the way around and look backwards...definitely something be useful?

Wednesday we finished the exchange and sent those Elders back to Caen. The Elder's Quorum President drove us to his grandma's house where we were supposed to share the restoration with her...but it ended up that the Grandma and the Elder's Quorum President's uncle just bashed on our church...ha. I find it really funny when people who haven't ever been to Utah tell me that all the Mormons in Utah are polygamists...ha. So...wednesday was pretty interesting.

My BIRFDAY!! We went to a family's house and ate lunch there...and ended up staying and talking for like three hours (editor's note: meals in France are an ordeal and frequently take much longer than the standard one hour missionary dinner in the U.S.). They gave me a REAL french scarf!! And the wife made lasagna! It was SUPER bon (good)! We then had an FHE with one of our amis (friends) and the Bellessa couple...and had more cake with them. And then we had another FHE with a different ami and the Branch President and his wife where we had some carro (basically, it's Mormon caffeine, nothing bad). And you guessed it, just kidding, you didn't. We had some chocolates with that. Not cake. :) haha

Friday we did exchanges with the Caen Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Christensen (not the one that I mentioned above...a different one.) We had fun. We taught a couple lessons, which was pretty great. He's one cool dude.

And that was my past week. This week is Thanksgiving! I'm stoked! We're having district meeting on Thanksgiving in Caen, and we're doing a district-wide Thanksgiving meal. And then we're also having dinner with the Branch President (they celebrate Thanksgiving just because of the Elders!) I'm stoked...I'm expecting to gain 20 lbs this week!

Well, I'm glad you're all doing well! I hope this next week goes well!

Love y'all!!

-Elder Wilson

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