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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chicken Pox and Baking


Hey all!!

Sorry that I'm writing you today rather than on Monday. Also, this letter isn't going to be too long...sorry y'all.

So my new companion is Elder Allen Kendall from a town that nobody's ever heard of in Texas. He's pretty cool. This is his 12th transfer so he is ANCIENT! Just kidding...he's only 20. I'm the youngest comp he's ever had on his mission. Fun fact, Elder Kendall was in Marching Band!! Cool stuff right? He and I talk about music/music theory a lot. It's super fun! He's a super smart dude. Also, Elder Kendall LOVES baking!! So guess what we've been doing since he's been sick? Baking! We made blueberry muffins, chocolate chip zuccini bread, peanut butter blossom cookies (his parents sent him some cookie mixes), and homemade bread. And cookie dough for sugar cookies...that just stayed as cookie dough...ha :D

When Elder Kendall and I arrived in Cergy (this is his 4th transfer in Cergy) we had to hurry to a member's house to go and eat. :) You'll never guess what kind of food I ate there...REAL Peruvian food!! I believe it was Rice and Chicken ;) The wife is from Peru and she wanted to give us some food that she grew up with.

So the reason for P-day being today is...MERRY CHRISTMAS, your new comp has the Chicken Pox!! Ha. We've been stuck in the apartement for the past week, waiting for his chicken pox, which he got Wednesday night, to heal. :) haha. It's been good though. We have talked a lot about so many things. He and I are pretty good friends because of the past week.

I don't have much information about Christmas. We'll be eating lunch at a member's house and using their computer to Skype you guys. So I'm guessing sometime around 5-7:30ish Utah time.

So that's been my week. I'm sorry it's so short. Maybe Monday I'll have more to tell you! I love you all!

Have a great week!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

Here's the Peruvian meal we ate.

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