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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sick and Pink Eye

February 16, 2015

Hello Family!

I'm glad you all had a great Valentine's Day! :)

This week was a pretty great week but sadly, a very very sick week.

I'll start out with the bad news. 

Thursday I woke up with a head still hasn't gone away. Friday, I woke up and felt super sore all over. And I woke up with stuffed sinuses and a swollen tonsils and a nice sore throat. Saturday, I didn't feel sore anymore but I felt super super tired with a sore throat that had worsened and the tonsils and the sinuses. Sunday woke up feeling a little better, except my left eye was pretty red. Then by the end of the day, my right eye was itching like no other and was oozing puss-like liquid. In short, I think I have pink eye right now. :D but I'll call the nurse today to get that confirmed. So, needless to say, because I've been pretty sick, we haven't got much work done this week.

BUT things still did happen before AND during my sickness!!

Before the sickness, on Wednesday, Elder Davis and I set off to go finding. We ended up praying with two people in the street, one of whom we gave a Plan of Salvation brochure. When we first contacted her, she said she didn't believe in God, but by the end of the contact, she admitted she did, but that she had had a hard life and that it was getting harder for her to believe. We prayed with her and left her with the brochure.

We then made our way to the Ajako's. They invited us in to tell us they couldn't meet with us because their little daughter has chicken we said a prayer with them, blessing their home so that they can heal of the sickness. I'm not sure it was chicken pox though...I think it was probably another sickness though...

Thursday night we went over to a family's house. They're Adventist. They made it clear they didn't want to be taught and that they weren't willing to it ended up being a rather social meeting with them. They were super nice though.

Saturday we met an ami. We ound out that he is under house arrest until October. Which is good and bad for us. It's good because now, there is no way he can miss a rendez-vous with us. The bad news though is that on the weekends, he can only leave his appartement from 14h00-17h00 which means he won't be coming to church until after October. But he seems to have a clear desire to change his life and to stop messing up. So we will help him as much as we can.

Sunday, after church a member in the ward took us to his house to eat with him and his family. The Rossi's are such a great family! Frère Rossi made this super delicious tofu stuff. It was a rice dish. The sauce had in it his homemade tofu, dried banana's, 8 different spices (cinnamon, cumin, curry, black pepper, ground cloves, ginger, and two others that I can't remember), and almonds. It was super delicious. 

And that was about how the week went. :) I'm hoping this week to heal to be able to get back to working super hard.

I love you all! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson


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