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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diligence and Patience are the Keys

February 9, 2015

Hello Family!

This week was...really long and rather difficult. But it was so worth it in the end.

So it was transfer week, and it tends to seem a little long when there isn't a change in companions. Thus was the case with this week, except it was really tough. But it was all worth it.

Now what was so hard about this week? Finding. Almost every day. It wears on you. Especially when you meet really rude people, which it appears this week, we met some of the rudest people that we have yet on our missions. I don't think I've ever taken so many insults and met so many people that wanted to offend us. But we pushed through.

Wednesday, we ended up teaching 3 people in the street, all of whom didn't want to meet again with us. We also passed by the Ajako's for the first time in a while and tried teaching as simply as possible, but they didn't understand at all. It was a discouraging day. We taught people, but nobody was progressing. We haven't had a progressing ami for 6 weeks. But we pushed on.

Finally, Saturday came along. We had 3 rendez-vous scheduled. One with a Congolais named Mr. Pino, another with a french guy named Fabrice and another one with a Guadaloupian named Kevin.

We've been trying to see Mr Pino for a while, but because of family problems, it's taken some time. It was well worth the wait. He is a golden ami. We taught him the Rétablissement. He accepted everything super well. We invited him to baptism, he thought about it, then accepted. The spirit was so strong. We'll be seeing him next saturday as well.

Then we hopped on a bus and made our way to Fabrice's house. He referred himself through the church website. He's actually a non practicing muslim. He converted to Islam a couple years ago. He wanted to know about Mormon's after seeing a "reportage" about the "Mormons". It was a documentary about the polygamists, so we were able to teach him about REAL mormons. We'll be coming back next saturday to teach more. He also is willing to come to the Chapelle and see how it is chez-nous.

Then we got back on the bus and went over to Kevin's house. We were teaching him the Rétab, when he started expressing concerns of his illiteracy. He is 25 and he is legally illiterate, but he is dying to learn how to read. He's been paying the JW's 25 bucks a week for reading lessons, which is basically just them teaching him how to read by indoctrinating him with false doctrine. (It's no wonder we can't teach English classes here with people doing that...) Elder Davis and I decided, that if we can, to try and help him. We'll be seeing him again next Saturday as well.

We were also invited to a Priesthood activity...BOWLING! We tried really hard finding an ami that would be available, but couldn't find anyone. But we went anyways, and one of the members had brought a non member to the activity! So we talked with him during the bowling activity. It was really cool!

And so the week ended on a super great note. Diligence and Patience are key in the Lord's work. As we are patient and we work diligently, the Lord will bless us.

I love you all! :)

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

To address your questions, I have not yet bought new shoes, still looking. I did receive the letters! :) It was a nice surprise! 

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