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Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'll Be Tri-Lingual!


Hey Family!!

So this past week has been good, and hard, but SUPER good!! My new companion is Elder Wallace from....NOT UTAH!! He's from Vermont!! So far, (excluding the MTC) I've only had one comp from Utah, Elder Lerdahl. Speaking of which, he is now finished with his mission!! He may be paying you guys a visit, too! haha

So Elder Wallace is a STUD!! He is what a missionary who uses their time wisely in the MTC becomes. He's just super ready all the time to learn and work. And he knows French pretty well. He also has tons of great ideas that I haven't heard before on how we can help the work here move forward. Being with him these past 6 days has definitely been a humbling experience. He reminds me a lot of Jantzen, but not so...loud. And a little mild mannered. He also has been playing piano for 13 years, the last 3 he did jazz. He's super good! But...he can't sing...I believe I still haven't had a companion that can sing...haha oh well. :)

This past week we've been doing TONS of finding...because...well...our teaching pool is at 0 because of the inability to work last transfer and the fact that we've been totally I guess you could say we're basically white washing. Also, along with finding amis, we've been trying to locate members and visit them to share a little spiritual thought with them. We're trying super hard to work with the members as much as we can to find some amis to bring to Christ. We have found that there are about 5 or 6 people on our list thus far that no longer live where the ward list says...ha.

One thing Elder Wallace and I have been doing is to make a new way of contacting every day and use it. And it's been helping us find tons of potentials! It's super cool. We've found about 6 or 7 potentials in the couple days we've been comps. :)

Yesterday, I relearned the importance of making sure we connect with the people when we contact. There were two guys we contacted last night after church, and I felt prompted to ask them their origin (which is something I ask a lot, out of curiousity and to try to connect and open up the people) and they said they're from the Congo...well back in Cherbourg there was a guy, Aimé de Dieu, who is from the Congo. Aimé taught me two phrases in lingala and after that, I've been wanting to learn more. So I said the two phrases in lingala to these two guys. Their reaction was amazing and it totally opened them up. We'll be meeting with them this Friday to talk about the Book of Mormon with them. They also taught me another phrase in lingala!! :) I'll be tri-lingual by the end of my mission ;) just kidding.

Weeeelll, I love you so much!! Thank you for all your support!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

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