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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Comparison of Enseigner and le Seigneur

October 13, 2014

Hello family!!

It seems like all went well this past week.

For us here in La Rochelle, the week zoomed by!! Elder Godfrey and I were talking yesterday about how crazy it was. It was probably the fastest week in our missions.

Tuesday, we were supposed to do exchanges in La Rochelle after district meeting. Our district leader requested all the train tickets for us without first looking, so the total trajet time would have been about 4-5 hours for a trip that should only be 2 we stayed in Nantes for the exchange instead.

It's very interesting doing an exchange without a new pair of undies, a toothbrush, D.O. for the B.O., and a new pair of socks. We ended up buying new toothbrushes to use for the exchange. I was with Elder Tarbet, who is Elder Nielson's bleu. He was pretty cool and even though he had only been in Nantes for a week, we managed not to get lossed! That is a win! We ended up meeting someone in the street named Daniel and taught him about the Book of Mormon and prayed with him. It was pretty cool. And it was pretty cool to be with a new missionary to learn from him. Something I noticed about him was his humble willingness. He was so willing to go out and talk with people, even though proselyting by contacting and porting isn't the most efficient way to work, and he kept a great attitude despite the rejections.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Very interesting. So the Fitt's car broke down...and normally they would have taken us to the Swanepoel's...but they couldn't, so we ended up getting to buy last minute train tickets. We taught the Swanepoel's and that went very well. Elder Godfrey and I are super stoked for their baptism coming up. We taught them the last thing on the teaching record, fasting and honoring the law. After we talked about how there is opposition in all things and that opposition arises as we get closer to making covenants with God. We talked about that because they had been confronted by some anti-Mormon things online and were really concerned. We resolved their concerns then talked about opposition. Georgette said "the tallest trees catch the most wind." So true. I'm very thankful for the opportunity I've had to be in their lives and help them towards baptism and towards the temple.

Later we taught Mehdi about the Plan of Salvation. We just went through the Pre-earth life until the fall of Adam and Eve. Mehdi is a STUD! Seriously, one of the most intelligent people I've been privileged to meet and teach. He is progressing very well towards baptism. His sincerity to learn has really touched me. Also, he used to not really believe in Christ as the Savior of the world, but since we've been teaching him, he has grown a testimony of Christ. The Holy Ghost really does teach us truths.

That makes me think of back to Seminary, when I was going to early morning seminary with my friends back during sophomore year. Brother Baker always used many different names for Christ and for the Holy Ghost, one of which is Teacher. I find it really interesting in French, the word to teach is 'enseigner'. The Lord in French is le Seigneur. Very close to enseigneur. Cool right?

Back to Thursday. After our lesson with Mehdi we passed by Mbuta. Remember him? Elder Smith and I invited him to baptism and his first question was "Will I be naked?" Well, this rdv was very interesting as well. He let us in, plopped down on his coach, layed down, put his hands behind his head and confessed "J'ai fait la fête hier." as he groaned. (I partied last night.) We talked about Faith and repentance with him, and he was not really focused during the lesson because of his hangover. At the end, we asked him to pray, he started to pray, and then went to TOWN! He prayed for like 10 minutes. After the prayer, he jumped right up and was like "dang, that felt SO good!! I feel so much better now! When are you coming back, you coming back tomorrow night?" It was super interesting...ha.

And that was the week. It's interesting that it passed by so fast, because it was rather more of a finding week. Normally finding weeks seem to drag on, but this one just slipped by.

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I love you all!! Have a great week!

-Elder B. Stanton Wilson

P.s. Dad, could you please send me my line of authority? Thanks :)

Also, this year, while it's on my mind and since it's coming up soon-ish, for my birthday and Christmas, I don't really want any packages. I just want letters and money. It's fun to receive food and stuff, but I would prefer letters. :) The money is to replace shoes and such that have been ruined because of all the rain. See picture below. :)

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